Looking for a good salon in Iligan? Try Hairscape.Ph!

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Practically, every Filipino, especially women visit the salon at least once a month to have their hair or nails fixed.

Often, the two top qualities we look for in a beauty salon is price and good service. Usually, it’s cheap price and just okay service.

I am now in the phase of my life where I overlook the slightly high price I pay as long as I get excellent service and products they use along with it.

Hairscape.Ph fits all the aspects I now prefer for in a hair salon. Hairscape originated in Cagayan de Oro, but it already has a branch here in Iligan. In fact, their first branch outside CDO.

Hairscape.Ph in Centrio Mall in Cagayan de Oro

I went to the Hairscape outlet in Robinsons Place to have my hair colored a little darker.  I am now in my 40s, so several strands of white hair is already visible. Making myself a bit younger won’t hurt anybody.

Hairscape staff about to start the process of coloring my hair.

Below is the photo after they were done coloring my hair. It was a smooth process, no need to cover my nose to avoid smelling the strong odors other salons use in hair coloring.

Usually, two staff would work on your hair to ensure quality outcome of the service a customer avails.

Here is the new me LOL. Ten years younger!

Although in this photo you can a see a few white hairs, but it’s not obvious when look at it in person.

Did I say, there’s free coffee or tea?

You may opt of just a bottle of water.

Here is my mug of tea!

Premium quality products

These are the products they used on my hair.

The first two products above, the activator and mask are Davines, a premium brand originated in Italy. The Bed Head is from the United Kingdom.

The haircut price variety

Their price for haircut varies depending on the rank of the staff. Look at the image below to give you an insight.

The rest of the price list of other services:

Hair treatment services price list
Technical services price list
Other services price list

Contact information:
Their location is at the third floor of Robinsons Place Iligan. You may call them through this number 0945 319 5933.

Facebook and Instagram: hairscape.ph

Use the hashtag #GetHairscaped

The interior of Hairscap.Ph in Robinson Place Iligan.

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