Activities for September 2016

Everyone knows that September is a busy month for Iligan and for most Iliganons. So for those seeking for fun and once a year activities in preparation for the city’s fiesta, I’m compiling a list here. Read more »

sapang blue

Sapang Blue Falls, Lesser Known Hidden Paradise in Lanao Norte

This waterfall may not be officially part of Iligan, but it can be easily accessed through Barangay Tipanoy, or in Barangay Pindugangan.

There are a lot of hidden paradises all over our beloved in Iligan City and neighboring provinces, we just have to rigidly search for it. Ask around, then prepare for an adventure and enjoy. Read more »


Avail of Pizzarella’s Promo for September

For only 599 pesos you and your family or friends can fill your hungry tummy with 2 Medium Pizza (any flavor) and a liter of softdrink of your choice.

Yes, you can choose any flavor, and I bet you’re now imagining their signature menu – Fino and Madcow pizzas. Read more »

jackos seafood iligan

How Much is the Seafood Platter at Jacko’s Kan-anan?

When craving for affordable and delightful Filipino seafoods in Iligan, Jacko’s Kan-anan is the place you should visit first. Read more »


Brunching at Aruma Coffee Lounge

If you were born in the 1800s and doesn’t know what “brunching” or “brunch” is, it’s a two-word combination of breakfast and lunch, probably originated by lazy people who eats breakfast or lunch between 10 in the morning and 12 noon. Read more »

Eat Iligan, Food Appreciation Tour 1.0

Eat Iligan is probably a first in Iligan City.

Basically, it’s a food promotional tour, wherein participating restaurants or any type of food shops in the city will offer their food to invited bloggers or food writers from different parts of the country, to munch their delicious food and then tell the whole world about it through a write up, video or photos. Read more »

Video: Canaway to Suarez motorbike ride

A two minutes and 30 second video of Iligan native Richard Buhisan of him riding from Canaway to Suarez.

Video: Tominobo-UCCP traffic light trip

Testing out our new CD-R King dashcamera.

Eating fried chicken skin for the first time

I finally did my own street food challenge! I ate the fried chicken skin for the first time. The street vendor is located just beside St. Michael’s College.

Luck is on my side, this chicken skin is delicious.

Matcha Shake at Tedts Diner

Finally, visited Tedts Diner’s new outlet at Quezon Avenue, just a few meters from their former main restaurant, literally a stone’s throw away. I’ve been wanting to get inside for weeks since it opened last February 23. I have two reasons, to read my book and and try their matcha shake.
tedts diner iligan


The new outlet is somewhat a bit smaller than their previous one. Basically, it has two dining spaces, separated by the order counter.
tedts diner iligan


Beautiful legs + Delicious Matcha Shake = Heaven!
tedts diner iligan

It’s my first to taste a matcha shake or any food flavored or mixed with a matcha. This shake has a natural matcha, not synthetic. I sipped everything , it’s so creamy and so good.


Thank you Tzaddi for these truffles!
tedts diner iligan


Tedts currently has two shops:
– Tedts Cafe & Bakery, Quezon Avenue Extension, Iligan City PH 9200

– First Floor, PYB Bldg. Zamora St. cor. Lluch St. Iligan City PH 9200

Telephone numbers:
063.223.8336   |   063.226.0047

Tedts website:

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