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Truck Accident in Tomas Cabili

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Zamora Street is Changed to Martiniano Actub Street

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Iligan Zamora Street

Zamora St. is now officially called MARTINIANO ACTUB Street.

This street is the location of familiar structures such as Metrobank near Gaisano mall, the Catholic Cathedral (back) and Octagon Computer store.

Photo stolen from Iligan Web

Iligan map showing Zamora St.

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Pablo Update

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It is with deep (naks!) regret that I only update this site when there are catastrophes. I need to thwart off this procrastination.

Iligan is Signal 3 according to PAGASA.

Anyway, here are the updates of the storm Pablo update.

Get updates from these sites:
Project Noah
Weatherbug – Be sure to search for Iligan City if you want to know about the rainfall information.

9:00am – Not sure with the time, but the power was cut off, but returned a few minutes later.

10:20 am – In Tominobo area, the rain stopped. But strong winds continue.

10:39 – In Tominobo area, light rain falling, but intermittent strong winds appear.

10:44am – Power still up.

1:15pm – The water at Mandulog river is still at safe level contrary to reports. See the video at Facebook.

3:07pm – NDRRMC chief Benito Ramos on Typhoon Pablo: “Humina, bumagal, (lumiit), lumihis.” – ABS-CBN News Channel

3:42pm – PAGASA: At 3PM, the eye of Typhoon #PabloPH was located at 90km Southeast of Dumaguete City (8.9°N 123.9°E)

10:00pm – It’s quiet. Thank you Lord!

Iligan Blogging Contest 2012

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Iligan blogging contest

To celebrate the Adlaw sa Iligan (June 16), the Iligan Bloggers Society, Inc. (IBS) launched the Iligan Blogging Contest 2012.

IBS coordinated with the City Government of Iligan through the City Tourism to conduct a blogging contest for Iligan. The blogging contest aims to promote the “bests” of Iligan City not just to the Philippines but to the rest of the world.

Two types of bloggers may participate in the contest: First, the bloggers who have visited Iligan and experienced firsthand the beauty of Iligan. Second, the bloggers who have read from the internet or have heard from friends about how beautiful Iligan City is, in turn, luring him to visit Iligan and see for himself. A blogger may submit at most two (2) entries.

Submission of entries will start on June 17, 2012 and the contest will run until September 1, 2012 when the winners shall be announced during the Opening Salvo of the Diyandi Festival sa Iligan.

Dates to remember:

Start of entries submission: June 17, 2012
End of entries submission: July 31, 2012 at 11:59pm Philippine Time.
Complaints and protests (if existing only): July 1, 2012 until July 31, 2012
Judging of entries: August 5-25, 2012
Notification of winners: August 31, 2012 through email
Winning entries announcement: September 1, 2012 at Rizal Park, during the opening salvo of Diyandi Festival.
Submit your entries now for a chance to win big prizes. Happy blogging for Iligan! Maayong Iligan!


Iligan Blogging Contest 2012



1.  Contest is open to all bloggers worldwide.  IBS core members, however, are disqualified.


2.  Content choices :


a) Blogger’s firsthand experience (positive) in Iligan City

b) Why the blogger wants to visit Iligan City


3.  Post shall have a minimum of 500 words and a maximum of 1000 words.


4.  Post shall have at least 2 pictures of Iligan tourist spots and other interests but a maximum of 10 photos only.  Blogger may use links to show more photos of Iligan.  Make sure the pictures in the blogpost should be owned by the blogger or has authorization (credits) from the source.


5.  Blogpost shall only be positive about Iligan.


6.  Participants may submit at most two (2) entries.


7.  Contest will run from June 17, 2012 to September 1, 2012.


8.  Deadline of submission of entries is on  July 31, 2012 at 11:59pm Philippine Time.


9.  Blog entries submitted is final and no changes shall be made after the submission. Any changes made to the post shall be disqualified to the contest.  Complaints and protests shall be entertained only from July 1, 2012 until July 31, 2012 . All complaints and protests shall be resolved by the IBS Board of Trustees and their decision is final and irrevocable.


10.  Qualified entries will be notified through email.


11.  Judging of qualified entries is on August 5-25, 2012. The Judges’ decision is final and irrevocable.


12.  Announcement of Winners :


12.1  Winning Entry shall be announced on September 1, 2012 at Rizal Park, during the  opening salvo of Diyandi Festival.


12.2  Names and blog URLs of Winning Entries shall be posted in IBS website and Facebook  Fanpage


12.3  Notification of winners is on August 31, 2012 through email. Winners have to acknowledge receipt of notification within 15 days.  Failure to acknowledge would mean disinterest of the winner to receive his prize.


12.4  Local resident winners may get their prize during the Opening Salvo program, during the announcement of winners.


12.5  For winners residing outside Iligan, prizes shall be sent through bank accounts or whichever mode is  applicable.


13.  Prizes:

1st Prize   –  P10,000.00 cash

2nd Prize  -  P  8,000.00 cash

3rd Prize   –  P  5,000.00 cash

5 Consolation Prizes  -   P1,000.00 cash each.


14.  Criteria for judging

45% – Accuracy of information

30% – Promotional Impact

15% – How well the article was organized

10% – Reader’s Choice




15.  Reader’s Choice shall be based on a Poll Voting of all qualified Entries posted in IBS Facebook Fanpage


16.  To join the contest

a)  LIKE the IBS Facebook Fanpage

b)  Plug blog URL of Entry to Facebook Account wall and to IBS Facebook Fanpage wall

c)  Submit Entry using the  Submission Form

d)  Blogpost shall include “An official entry to the Iligan Blogging Contest 2012” with the words Iligan Blogging Contest 2012 linked to


Bombing Victims List

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A bomb went off at El Centro past 7:00pm hours ago, May 5, 2012.

Several people were killed and more injured. According to some sources, 6 were killed, but the list I got is only 2.

Will update this page.

1. “Jan-jan” Dumalagan (Del Carmen)
2. Mr. Jay Hangad (Hinaplanon), 21

Joel Abreul (Barinaut) – critical
Mary Lou Aligno (Mahayahay) -balot vendor
John ce Dumalagan (Del Carmen) – critical
Dennis Corbera
Aldren Magsayo (Tambacan)
Liezel Lubguban
Jay Siton , 23 (Ma. Cristina)
Dianne Gacus (7 yrs. old)
Rey So-ong (Rugonon) – teacher
Danilo Gabrenab (Mis. Oriental)
Raylon Aligno
Jenife de los Santos (Prk. 6, Tipanoy)
Sonny Mendez (San Miguel)
Mae Cristine Gacus (19 yrs old)
Abdul Gapar Maruhom (25 yrs old, Mahayahay)
Emilita Ebara (Buru-un)
Alia Barame
Jonh Paul Ponce (Tambacan)
Cristyl Cabahug
Rick Manego
Albert Gongob
Michael Felipe Gonzales (19, Steel Makers)
Sheralyn Hurban Repueto (29, employed Mang Inasal)
Maribel Paquingan Cabanlit (25, Pala-o)

Laila Candog (Villaverde)
Earl Russel Rapanan Remelo (21, Pala-o)
Louie Jae Tanjo (Samburon, Linamon)
Rose Tanjo
Princess Irish Tanjo

Source: Art Babao

Sendong Flood in Iligan Documentary

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This is a documentary made by Wollwerth Films with Iligan Praise and Worship Center.

The purpose of this documentary is to raise funds for the Sendong survivors.

Although the Iligan City government is currently building about more than a thousand houses at Sta. Elena. But this admirable church is keen on building about 50 houses more on a lot owned by the pastor.

Bayani Challenge 2012

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Bayanihan 2012 Iligan

Be part of history, and show your love for your fellow Filipinos by helping build the houses and lives of Sendong survivors.

Read the instructions and register by clicking the link below the letter:

Dear Bayani,

Every year since 2006, Gawad Kalinga has staged the GK Bayani Challenge, a 5-day test of courage, endurance and love for country. Teams of 15 people go on an adventure to plant hope on ground by building communities and fostering friendships that are critical to nation-building.

The urgent call of building this nation will be answered once again this April 9-14. This year’s Bayani Challenge will gather volunteers not only in one but in FIVE provinces around the country. “PILIPINAS, NGAYON NA!” will challenge more volunteers to change lives, bring hope to others, and build sustainable communities in Cagayan de Oro, Iligan, Masbate, Mindoro Occidental and two areas in Negros Oriental (Dumaguete and Amlan). We invite you take this unique opportunity as an individual or as a group of 15 (or more). Register online and choose among the following activities:

1. Building of homes
Build an actual home for a family and experience everything from laying the foundation, attaching the roof, painting the walls, and landscaping.

2. Paraisong Pambata
Create an environment of fun and learning for children aged 6 to 10 years old through feeding programs, story-telling sessions, games, and a Sports Clinic.

3. School Build
Make public schools conducive to learning by refurbishing rooms, painting walls, landscaping gardens, and repairing tables and chairs.

4. Environment
Be a hero for the environment by planting trees and organizing clean-up drives.

5. Community Health
Share the importance of health by conducting a nutrition program, medical check-ups and health consultations among the different barangays.

We will cap off each spirited and fulfilling day with the following activities:

• Blogging Rights Day: Sharing of experiences and inspiring stories of heroism.
• Empowerment Talks: After-dinner talks and sessions to process the experience and harness the heroism in everyone.
• Kalinga Night: Brings together the volunteers for a night of celebration and commitment.

Aside from this exciting line-up, we will also be hosting a series of SPECIAL EVENTS this year:

• Bayanihan Race: Teams will compete in a unique race around the island.
• Master Kusinero: The team that cooks the best dish using an endemic ingredient from the island will be rewarded.
• Concert: At the end of the Bayani Challenge, we will celebrate this once-in-a-lifetime experience through a culminating activity that will feature bands and other exciting surprises.

Hurry and register here as slots are on a first come, first served basis.

See you at the Bayani Challenge!

For God and country,

Team Bayani Challenge 2012

In Iligan City, red tape stops group from helping build homes

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ILIGAN CITY—Blame is now being directed at the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) in Northern Mindanao for the slow-paced construction of houses for victims of the Dec. 17 disaster that struck this city at the height of Tropical Storm “Sendong.”

Milagros Luisma, chair of Barangay Acmac, said many of the logs that had been swept into the city by killer floods on Dec. 17 were rotting away because the DSWD stopped a nongovernment organization from processing these into lumber.

She said the task of processing the logs, which played a bigger role than the floods in the deaths that the disaster brought, was being performed faster when the group Ecosystems Work for Essential Benefits (Ecoweb) Inc. was still involved.

Rotting logs
Now, many of the logs are rotting because only a few people are processing these, Luisma said.

She also said more than 200 logs in her village had disappeared since Ecoweb stopped processing these into lumber.

“I am sure the culprits are not from my barangay but from other places and I think they are being tolerated because the agencies tasked to protect the logs from unscrupulous individuals have not been doing their jobs,” Luisma said.

But Manuel Boris, of the regional DSWD’s administrative office, said the government welfare agency stopped the operations of Ecoweb because the group did not secure a permit from the department.

Illegal operations
Boris said the group relied only on a verbal agreement with the mayor’s office, which makes its operations illegal.

Araceli Solamillo, regional DSWD director, said only the department could dispose of the logs because these had been turned over to the DSWD by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR).
Regina Antequisa, Ecoweb executive director, said the group had long asked the DSWD to help them process the permit needed for the group to operate so that more houses could be built but the agency has not acted on the request so far.

4,000 logs
Luisma said had the DSWD not stopped Ecoweb’s work, the more than 4,000 logs now stocked in her village would have been put to good use and not left to rot.

Boris said all Ecoweb had to do was secure the necessary permit so that its activities could resume.

He said in the case of the Diocese of Iligan, the DSWD allowed it to continue processing the logs because it had secured a permit from the regional DSWD office.

By Tito N. Fiel
Inquirer Mindanao

Ready to Go Beyond

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I first heard this in It’s More Fun in Iligan group in Facebook posted by BobNewYork.

In the description: “The Graduation Song of Batch 2012 of the Iligan Institute of Technology of the Mindanao State University (MSU-IIT) in Iligan City, Philippines.”

The song is quality, but not really of world class type. The song talks about pride of being a graduate of MSU-IIT.

I’m not a music expert, but there is something the song lacks. Probably, the quality of the recording.

Anyway, listen to the song, and read the lyrics below.

Ready to Go Beyond

How will I know If I can go
farther from where I am
If I don’t push myself to make
my dreams do come true
For years, I fought and struggled
It shook my brain and spirit
This time, I deserve a break,
even just a smile

Mama, look at me now with
that same loving care
What I’ve become is the fruit of
what you sowed
Papa, thank you for the many
Your guidance and patience
made me who I am

(I’m now ready and prepared to
face the world
Am ready to be, world class
Armed with the knowledge from IIT
Am ready to go beyond) 2x

To my friends who accepted
me for who I am
For years, we shared together
the laughter and the tears
I’ll never forget you all, you are
tattooed in my heart
Thank God, I have you guys
To always complete my day

How can I forget my
thoughtful Ma’am and Sir
Their tireless nurturing helped
me fulfill my dream
I bow to my Institution, IIT
I take pride to tell the world
I am from IIT

Repeat Chorus

Adlib/ Instrumental …

Repeat Chorus

Repeat Chorus, 1 key higher

(Oooh Oooh, I made it
Oooh Oooh, Thank you IIT
I take pride to tell the world
I’m from IIT) 2x

I take pride to tell the world
I’m from MSU-IIT

Miss Iligan 2011 visits Macao, Hong Kong

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THE reigning Miss Iligan 2011 and her first runner-up enjoyed a tour to Macau and Hong Kong recently. Cathy Tan, chairperson of the creative team that organized the very successful Miss Iligan Beauty Pageant, told reporters that the tour was part of the incentive given to the winner of the coveted title. It was sponsored by the generous Rep. Vicente Belmonte Jr. of the lone district of Iligan, said Ms. Tan. She said that Miss Iligan 2011 Elyza Jade Dalongones and first runner-up Hezeline Claire Anghag were overjoyed by the rare experience and were very thankful to Belmonte.

The group of Miss Iligan 2011 and her first runner-up was composed of Tan, choreographer Jotyl Empeynado, operation manager Jenny Densing and production head Nimo Remo. Belmonte shouldered all necessary expenses of the group. The purpose of the visit was to familiarize the beauties and the Miss Iligan Creative Team with the tourism features of Macau and Hong Kong, two of the nearest foreign destinations. It can be noted that the candidates and winners in the yearly Miss Iligan Beauty Pageant are groomed to act as Tourism Ambassadors of Iligan.

Tan explained that the tour to Macau and Hong kong pushed through despite the occurrence of tropical storm Sendong because the activity was arranged just after the Feast of St. Michael the Archangel last year and the tickets had been bought before the typhoon. The group also thanked Mayor Lawrence Cruz under whose leadership the celebration of the 2011 Diyandi Festival that included Miss Iligan 2011 as its main feature was made successful.

Source: Gold Star Daily

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