Ang Misteryoso nga Barko


Naka dungog mo adtong istorya sa mga Sendong survivors about sa barko?

While some Iliganons, mostly not directly affected by the storm simply take the rumours as rubbish.

The survivors themselves are adamant that they saw it with their eyes, some of the survivors heard the siren.

Below is the photo of the mysterious boat. I got this from Art Babao Believes on Facebook.
Sendong Iligan barko boat

Baby Agapay
She and her family used to live in Duranta, Sta. Filomina. She and her son saw the mysterious boat approaching, the son waved at the boat using the flashlight. As the boat approaches, it gradually disappeared right before his eyes.
Sendong boat barko

Aileen Acosta and Herald Gerona
This couple is my batchmate back in highschool in DHS (IDS). They live in Gerona compound in Tambo, in my estimation is about 500 meters away from Mandulog river.

Both of them heard the boat’s siren during that fateful night. Herald, who climbed on a tree inside the compound, saw the silhouette of people inside the boat at a distance. He was delighted that a rescue boat was quick to respond.

Erlinda Torres’ husband
I interviewed Erlinda Torres in January at Sta. Filomina evac center. Her husband was not around during the interview. She said her husband saw the mysterious boat, “huge ship surrounded with lights”. She said, he closed his eyes and when he opened it, the ship was no longer there.

Some kid
I was in Tambo Terminal evacuation center, when I heard a woman whose nephew of about 10 years old saw the boat. I forgot to asked his name though.

Ikaw, mo tuo ka ba or dili? Ako mo tuo ko. It’s up to you if you believe or not.

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    • Iliganon

      July 10, 2012 2:21 am

      I have a different opinion about it, it’s probably the devil’s or God’s method of taking the souls of people who are destined to die.


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