Calda’s New Pizza Flavors

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Calda Pizza has two new flavors that would probably make some Iliganons who are pizza monsters love to devour.

Bacon and Egg
bacon and egg pizza iligan
This bacon and egg flavour would probably get mixed reviews. Personally, I love eating bacon as a meal, I would love to have two more slices especially during breakfast. But this one needs improvement. I only got one slice, and never bothered to get another piece.

Another reason why I did not eat another slice, is the messy part when eating it. The white part of the egg would drip down into my hand, good thing not a drop on my favorite shirt.

XL – P500

Taco Pizza
bacon and egg pizza iligan
Kini kay lamian ko. Taco is originally a Mexican dish.

This taco pizza is garnished with beef, cheese, vegetables just like the Mexican taco. Since most Pinoys are meat lovers, this could be a hit.

Yes, I ate more than one slice, probably two. Only two because there were two other dishes from Red Planet on the table which I will blog later.

XL – P600

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