Wild Chili at The Strip

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Iliganons are usually familiar with foreign cuisines like Chinese, Japanese and American, but rarely Mexican. There are not a lot of Mexican restaurants in the small city of Iligan. In fact, there are currently just two – Amigos and Wild Chili.

Wild Chili (WC) is located at The Strip, an all food lane in Quezon Avenue extension in Pala-o. Most Iliganons have no idea where The Strip is, but if one says Calda Pizza, “aahh diha diay, I know where that is.” Just take any Pala-o jeepney, and you can get there, just constantly remind the driver about Calda or The Strip.

Taco, quesadilla and burrito are three popular main elements in a Mexican restaurant, and Wild Chili doesn’t disappoint. At least according to my taste.

The first food I ate at WC, was the beef taco (P119), but I didn’t specifically reminded the waiter that I prefer a soft taco, I was given the taco wrapped in tortilla which I hate. I had a bad experience with a hard tortilla at KFC years back, the ingredients fell on the table because the tacos broke after biting it.

I was with my niece and a relative in my first taste test at WC. This was my promise to my niece of treating her.

The other meals we ordered were beef quesadillas (149) and the taco burger (P180).

Don’t get intimidated with the prices, they also have student-friendly prices. For less than a hundred pesos you could also have- ole (P99) a Mexican-style pizza, taco rice meals  (P99) and small versions of taco and burrito.


Beef taco

This is the taco wrapped with a tortilla. The meal comes with a free salsa. An additional salsa would cost P20 a ramequin (small bowl).

This taco is actually tasty despite my disappointment with the tortilla. The slightly spicy meat and cheese just lingers in my tongue. When you order, make sure to specify “wheat tortilla” or “soft taco” if you dont like a hard one.

Salsa is basically, a sauce of Mexican origin composed of chopped tomatoes, onions, beans and other spices.


Taco burger

The price of this taco burger may frown some of you, including me. The P180 price is a privilege for most Iliganons. But I am such a curious person, so to fill my curiousness, I ordered it. The taste didn’t disappoint. This one, I would consider as my top 10 best burger in the Philippines.

It must be the cheese, sweetness and spiciness that makes the taste outstanding. The taco burger also comes with Wild Chili tortilla chips.


My first to munch a beef quesadillas (P149). Although, My first to eat a quesadillas was at Amigos, but it was cheese filled. I can’t say much about this one. There is something lacking, it lacks some kick to the taste bud. To be fair with Wild Chili, we came a week after they (re)opened for business last December. The taste could be better now.

They also have a vegetable and cheese quesadillas.

Wild Chili modified the tastes of their menus to suit to the Filipinos’ taste. But if you’re a Mexican food purist, they could let you down, but if you’re just looking for a good food for your friends and family, have a chill at Wild Chili.

Opening hours
They open at 3:00 PM and closed at 12:00 AM.

How to get there:
If you take public vehicles. Take the Pala-o or Del Carmen jeepneys. Tell the driver to stop at Calda Pizza. Calda Pizza is located at The Strip.

How to contact Wild Chili:
Telephone number: (063) 228 1800
Facebook page: Facebook.com/wildchilisph

Location map of Wild Chili (The Strip):

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