City Department heads and contact numbers

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The following are the list of local City Government Department heads and their contact numbers, as of October 2016.

City Mayor’s Office Atty. Rafael A. Benedictos, Jr.
Chief of Staff (063) 223-7763;(063) 221-6758
Fax no. (063) 221-9060
Sangguniang Panlungsod Atty. Arthur Ll. Padilla
Secretary to the Sanggunian;
Fax No. (063) 221-4346
E-mail Address:
City Administrator’s Office Atty. Dexter Rey T. Sumaoy
City Administrator
Tel. No (063) 222-2623;
(063) 225-3032
City Treasurer’s Office Ms. Louela S. Maybituin
City Treasurer;
City Budget Office Mr. Hospicio A. Paragoso
City Budget Officer;
City Assessor’s Office Ms. Maria Elena Rodora A. Gimena
City Assessor;
City General Services Office Ms. Carla O. Baño
OIC-City General Service Office;
City Agriculturist’s Office Mr. Octavius J. Molo
City Agriculturist;
City Engineer’s Office Engr. Leonor T. Actub
Officer-In-Charge of City Engineer’s Office 221-4638;
Iligan City Waterworks Systems Christine Milagros A. Orbe
City Waterworks Manager;
City Health Office Dr. Cherlina Cañaveral
City Health Officer;
(063) 221-6517;
(063) 221-6108
Fax No. (063) 221-6174
City Civil Registrar’s Office Ms. Maria Pura C. Mascariñas
City Civil Registrar;
(063) 221-4309
City Planning & Dev’t. Office Arch. Gil R. Balondo
City Planning & Development Coordinator
Tel no. (063)2239615
City Legal Office Atty. Voltaire Rovira
City Legal Officer 221-3818;
Fax No.(063)223-3026
City Veterinarian’s Office Dr. Maria Dahlia M. Valera
City Veterinarian 221-6752
Fax No.(063)221-6752
City Social Welfare & Dev’t. Ms. Grace Joy O. Saquilabon
City Social Welfare & Dev’t. Officer 221-2488
City Accountant’s Office Mr. Raymundo Clavano
Officer-In-Charge of City Accounting Office 221-4333;
Gregorio T. Lluch Memorial Hospital Dr. Eflieda C. Valdehueza
Chief of Hospital 221-2536;
Economic Enterprises Dev’t. & Mgt. Office Virginia P. Junsan
EEDMO Head – OIC (063) 221-1079
City Human Resource Mgt. Office Mila A. Rodrigo
Supervising Administrative Officer
OIC – City Human Resource Management Office 221-0595;
Cooperative Dev’t. & Livelihood Office Ms. Alice A. Coronado
City Cooperative Dev’t. & Livelihood Office 221-2614
Fax No.(063) 223-3362;
City Environment Mgt. Office Atty. Ranulfo D. Cenas
City Environment Management Officer 223-3301
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