Falling for Waterfalling Adventure Tour 1.0

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I’m a true blue Iliganon, but ironically a stranger to my own home city.  I’ve been away from Iligan for about 18 years, just came back in 2009.

When I learned that Iligan Bloggers Society would do a Waterfalling Adventure Tour, it got me excited. This event is for invited bloggers from all over the Philippines, and is  basically visiting the famous, but accessible waterfalls in Iligan City in 5 days from September 25 to 29, 2012.

Busy that I am, I can only join on the September 27 event, and Dodiongan Falls will be the main attraction of the day. Macki’s will provide the packed lunch for the adventurers. Oh yeah! Lami ra ba sa Macki’s!

This event was made possible by the following sponsors: Tita Fannies, Red Planet, Calda Pizza, El Canto, Iligan City Government, UNILAB, NPC Natures Park, Third Team Media, TravelJams, and PurpleSlipperz.

Iligan waterfall tour

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