Financial Literacy for Sendong Survivors


Finally, the seminar for Sendong survivors mostly from the Bayug Island was fulfilled last November 8, 2012 at the IMG office, at the second floor of Aruma Cafe.

The seminar has been postponed several times, because the speaker Jerecho Placido is busy with his masteral studies in IIT.

Huge credits to Placido for having a heart to educate with financial literacy to the Filipinos, especially the Sendong survivors.

Jerecho Placido, preparing the slides.
Jerecho Placido, preparing the slides

About 49 participated – adults, teens and children. Learning financial management at a young age, the better.

I’ve seen the situation of the survivors, and I always have the desire to help them rise from nothing and into something. I have limited finances to help them, but hopefully this seminar if they put it into practice, would even make them into somebody in the world of finance in the future.

Jerecho Placido, preparing the slides.

In the closing minutes of the seminar, Jerecho challenged the crowd to save a “piso” a month as a start. Even I myself followed it.

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