Hurry Pater


It’s Hurry Pater! Harry Potter would curiously love to eat here.

This small restaurant serves mainly “pater”, a Maranao (or Middle Eastern?) cuisine. It looks like shredded meat on top of a cup of rice wrapped in banana leaf. Also included is an appetizer called “palapa”, it consists of chili and banana fruit flower.

It was my second time eating here, but I wondered why I was always alone. Maybe because both times were Sunday noon. It’s usually quiet at this time of a Sunday in Iligan.
Hurry Pater iligan food

I ordered a chicken pater. They don’t serve pork here. Because it’s owned by a Muslim.
Hurry Pater iligan food

It’s affordable, 25 pesos only. Softdrinks are not included though, but still affordable.
Hurry Pater iligan food

Hurry Pater is easy to find, in Torralba Street, just very close to Unitop.
Hurry Pater iligan food

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      • Jairus Marl

        April 11, 2015 3:39 pm

        Ala pa man noon ko naka kaon dra sa Al-Pater Kuwait, pro lami jud dra sa Hurry Pater. Affordable and perti ka lami ilaa pang fudtrip dra. Recommended place if gikan ka suroy2x sa xudad sa Iligan. Before going home hapitanan jud xa para pang snack2x. Tungod sa grabe ka barato ug lamian kaau, dli malikayan na maka BH pa jud ka ug isa ka pater pra pauli! 🙂

        Uhhmm.. for Al-Pater Kuwait – familiar xa and yes naka bantay ko ani niya sa xudad. Nalimot lng ko asa to xa. hehehe.. Sory Al-Pater Kuwait pro planning to visit your place pud. Uhhm… At least I can make a comparison review between these 2 Pater Snack House sa akoa blog!

        Thanks for sharing this information! Also, I hope kita tanan mga bloggers sa Iligan City magka hiusa para sa pag pang hatag ug maayong information sa katawhan…

        Bangon Iligan City! —- “Iligan City Hub”


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