Iligan Post Office Scam?


For less than an hour, anybody could get a postal identification card (ID) at a local post office in Iligan City.

No requirements needed, just your 2×2 size photo, the registration form and the P340 payment.

No other ID is required. So a terrorist could get one in no time.

Iligan Post Office Scam
I did a little investigation by asking other bloggers online.

According to Kathy: “150 lang. 🙂 Las Pinas.”

Akosire: “I paid 300+ kc may dala ako 2×2 pics.. pag wala 400+ bayad. Im from pampanga.”

Mhar : “In our town, my mother paid P500 total.”

Ness: “i paid Php500 for my ID. Got it in San Juan Post office.”

Grace: “I remember paying Php350 and waited for 3 days bago makuha ang laminated postal ID.”

Iligan Post Office Scam
After I got my ID, I paid for my own lamination. Residents from other cities in the Philippines said their post office was the one who did the lamination.

I did not receive any receipt. A blogger from Manila paid a total P300, but on the receipt was only P175.00.

Postal ID
I need this postal ID for opening a bank account. Meaning, a terrorist could get his own bank account.

I hope the local post office head or the city mayor could do something about this. Let’s start now to curb corruption.

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    • Iliganon

      February 13, 2012 7:36 am

      Maybe you can, but you should get someone to do it for you, they may overcharge, especially for obvious foreigners.

  1. Bangon Kali

    August 7, 2013 8:02 am

    Unsay number sa Iligan City post office? Manawag unta ko. Wala man sa directory ug bisag unsaon nacu ug research sa net. Salamat.


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