The May 5 Grenade Blast

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After I heard about the recent bombing. My initial thoughts were the Islamic terrorists. MILF, MNLF or Abu Sayyaf.

It was based on the words “El Centro”. El Centro is a 24 hour store cum restobar.

So I thought, the Islamic terrorists were targeting the crowd of “unbelievers”.

Terrorists in the Middle East bomb liquors stores and winebars. Unmindful of the innocent lives, even killing Muslims. This is how the Mideast terrorists purify the spiritual uncleanliness.

But when I went to the crime scene the following day Sunday, my initial assessment changed.

Iligan Bombing

First, the crater of the grenade blast was not in the premises of El Centro restobar. It was beside the restobar, about two (2) meters away. Exactly, in front of Western Union (beside El Centro).

Secondly, when I read the names of the blast victims, there was a name of Muslim origin.

It’s probably a gang war or something similar.

Iligan Bombing

According to the news, the investigators raised suspicion of “rido”. A Maranao term which basically means “conflict”, or even sometimes “vengeance”.

Rido usually occur between warring Muslim families or relatives.

Iligan Bombing
Blood is still visible after 24 to 26 hours the crime had occurred.

Iligan Bombing
The crater of the grenade blast.

I hope we could bring them to justice. These bombers always get away scot free.

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