Road to Rogongon Now Passable


Sendong Photos

I stumbled upon four (4) photos of EcoWEB about a work they initiated along the road going to Rogongon.

For another One for Iligan action, herewith are the pictures of the “bayaninhan” spirit in Rogongon during its manual clearing of the landslide blocking the road from Digkilaan to Rogongon which ECOWEB organized. More than 300 people participated in the action that have allowed the access of motorcycle after 3 days of hardwork along the affected 9 kilometer road.

Another more than 15 kilometers were cleared of debris and mud from landslides from Poblacion to sitios and Puroks using a number of shovels distributed with support from CAFOD and MSU-IIT alumni association.

Innovated tools made of wood and rocks were also used by the people who have decided to initiate something in response to Sendong aftermath instead of just waiting for the heavy equipment from the government. Efforts were also encouraged by the Food for Work programme of the WFP and food support during the action from CAFOD.

Sendong Photos

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