Why I Love and Hate Delecta’s Cheeseburger

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It was my first to dine at Delecta’s latest outlet in Iligan located at The Strip in Pala-o.

The space that Delecta occupies now used to be Silvestro’s.

The interiors looks intimidating for people who’s not into fine dining.
delecta iligan restaurant burger meal


Why I Love it!

I’m always a fan of Delecta’s burger patties. I blogged about their burger steak back in 2012. It should be one of the best in the Philippines.

I love the burger bun, it’s made with wheat. So it justifies the P140 price, and of course the ambiance of the restaurant.

I checked the patty to make sure it was not fried. Okay, it seemed not oily. The taste is of course is so delicious.
delecta iligan restaurant burger meal



Why I hate it.

My hatred is probably just a minor issue, but still it needs to be corrected. Aside from it being too thin, the patty easily crumbles after I sliced with the knife.
delecta iligan restaurant burger meal

Nevertheless, I went home really full, as in full gyud kaayo. Wala nako nikaon pagkagabii.

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