Why we should control our excitement about 7-Eleven?

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Many of us, including me are excited about 7-Eleven’s arrival in here in Iligan.

My first experience with this famous convenience store was in 1997 in Manila. It felt a bit surreal, I finally bought something from this shop that I only saw it in the Hollywood movies. So having it here in our remote city, will surely excite us. The company owners finally noticed us.

It feels good to be noticed. It also means our city is progressing economically. There are probably two 7-Eleven shops to be built within this year, I saw one in Tibanga, near Mister Donut.

This 7-Eleven shop is located in front of Macki’s Fried Chicken, near the Catholic Cathedral Church.

But 7-Eleven is basically like our existing popular convenient shops like G-mart, Shoppe 24 and Cham’s – it’s expensive. Convenient shops have a mark-up price of 10 to 15 percent based from grocery store prices. If for example a chocolate bar worth 20 pesos in the grocery, in 7-Eleven it would cost 24 pesos. That’s a huge markup even if it’s 10%.

But there’s another convenient store that I’m truly excited about. It’s AlfaMart, originally from Indonesia. It’s slowly getting popular, because of affordable prices where its items are all grocery store prices. SM Investments have already brought them here in the Philippines in 2014, and it’s planning to have 400 stores in 2017. I hope Iligan is one of them.

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