Daiso Japan is now at Robinsons Place Iligan

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Out of the box has always been the Japanese way of life. With a keen eye for detail, our neighbors from the East discover better, more kawaii ways to do things.

Daiso Japan collects some of these creations and places them on the racks for everyone to find. Days can be so much brighter with ‘Daisolutions’ making everyday tasks easier and wonderfully colorful. For starters, the store’s little organizers are great companions.

Students will love Daiso’s one touch book bands that tie in together notebooks and textbooks of varying sizes. They can easily carry their load for the

day, and have those bright rings keep their bundles neat for class.

Gadgets also have their own cord organizers to keep the wires strapped in and in place, ready to be retrieved when needed.

Arts and crafts enthusiasts can visit Daiso Japan to restock on their supplies, but also to have a day of surprises. True to the Japanese way, some of Daiso’s supplies are intriguingly designed.

A must-spot item on store this month is the double-sided tape. Closely resembling a correction tape, the item makes it easier to peel off the paper and work on art projects. That’s why whenever you go through Daiso Japan’s bin of goodies, make sure you look twice because you might miss out on a clever Japanese twist.

Daisolutions you can’t live without

Get comfortable dining while on the road with car drink holders giving you an experience close to the one you get in theaters. Other highly-functional items like socket covers, kitchen tool racks, drawer dividers, and even certified kawaii chair socks will excite anyone with the inkling for all things tidy.

Those looking for home items will also have a gleeful visit with best-value Daisolutions available. From adorable monkey magnet holders for their keys, to charcoal dehumidifiers that keep indoor spaces clean and fragrant even with persistent rains, they are sure to bag a Japanese hack for their needs.

There are plenty of solutions only the Japanese will have the eye for, so make sure to catch them this month at Daiso Japan. Follow the store’s Facebook page @DaisoJapanPH and start choosing among Japan’s clever kawaii hacks.

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