Eddie Villanueva in New Life Sanctuary in Tambo

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Senatorial candidate Brother Eddie Villanueva campaigned in Iligan by stopping over at New Life Sanctuary in Tambo, near the DBC Machinery office.

Brother Eddie Villanueva Iligan
My first photo of Eddie Villanueva. Here, he discussed about his plans after elected as senator.

Brother Eddie Villanueva Iligan
He stressed that farmers, janitors, fishermen and all blue collar workers need to have a special bank, just like in Thailand.

Brother Eddie Villanueva Iligan
After his speech, Villanueva is being interviewed by ABS-CBN, with him is New Life’s pastor Philamer “Cocoy” Sabarre and the lady is part of Villanueva delegation.

Brother Eddie Villanueva Iligan
Here, pastor Cocoy, Iligan City councilor candidate Voltaire Rovira, Bro Eddie and Atty Lim.

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