Hideous Food at Elena Tower Inn


Pardon for the lack of word to describe how awful (oops another one) the food being served at my cousin’s wedding at Elena Tower Inn.

Elena Tower Inn Iligan City
See the viand on the left part of the plate? Ambot unsay specific name ana, but it’s a fish covered with starch or flour. The bones and scales were not removed. The taste is bland.

I usually eat all the food I get in any occasion. I was acting like a woman in this. I just could not eat all of it.  Exactly what you see in the above photo.

To make up for their food, the dessert was extremely yummy. Pero about a day after the wedding I asked my mother if the dessert was from Elena Tower Inn, she told me it was ordered by another caterer. Haha, sorry nalang ETI!

Another cousin of mine who had a wedding at ERI many years ago, she had a not so god experience, she told me that one lechon was missing. She advised that there should be trusted overseer to watch over the food attendants.

ETI management should hire another good cook or a competent manager.

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  1. sabrina

    August 3, 2013 2:49 pm

    EDI’s Catering services may looked delicious when offering their food but did you know how and where they prepare the food?! Yuck! disgusting! I am of their recent client and i was shocked to see the place they prepared and cooked the food! foods were prepared along the garage where mud, dog poo, rats passing by!!! and the water being used is from a rusty barrel where mosquitoes nested. Gasayaw sayaw ang mga lamok! ang tubig gisalod gikan sa ulan pinaagi sa sandayong paingon sa barrel nga gitaya.. sus maria! nurse pajud ang tag-iya ani na business na walay permit pajud. Nurse sa mercy pero sus ang hygiene makamatay jud. dapat mareport ni sila ug mastop ang kahugawan.. just a concern citizen.. dili judko makarecommend.. sorry nalang jud.


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