Maria Cristina Falls

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Maria Cristina Falls is the most popular waterfall out of a total of 23, hence the moniker “City of Waterfalls”.

According to legend, the name Maria Cristina, was based on the names of two sisters, Maria and Cristina who lived near the falls.

The majestic falls is also a hydroelectric plant, meaning it is a source of light and electricity which started in May 31, 1953.

Maria Cristina Falls Iligan Philippines
One of our colleague asked to have the flow of water be increased, and it was granted, but only for 5 minutes.  Shot last October 30, 2011.

Maria Cristina Falls Iligan Philippines
The flow of water is decreased on weekdays. Taken on January 2010.

Maria Cristina Falls Iligan Philippines
Shot in the early 1950s. During the construction of the hydroelectric plant.

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