Tominobo Beach photos


There’s really no exact name for this beach, as kids we used to call it Palm Court beach. Sige mi’g kaligo diri sa ako barkada ni adtong 1980s.

I was here the other day to take photos for my website,

The photos that I took were something similar to this one below:

Tominobo pictures

Tominobo pictures
The beach is now dirtier, lots of trash and it foams with bubbles.

Tominobo pictures
As I went further, near the Shell depot, I saw teenage kids skimboarding.

Tominobo pictures
I took a few shots.

Tominobo pictures

Tominobo pictures
As I was about to leave, they asked to take pictures of them. So I did. Wala ko kaila ani nila.

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  1. Christian Faith Panuncialman

    March 26, 2014 5:52 pm

    Hi. I would like to suggest if you continue to post more about Tominobo people and the falls located somewhere there. You are doing well in this blog.


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