Drinking Water in Lambaguhon


I went to Lambaguhon near Emerald Homes to join with 700 Club‘s Operation Blessing and with the Iligan pastors to cover their counselling or stress debriefing session.

Beside the road is the water tank, though still empty when I arrived around 10am.

Sendong drinking water Iligan City
The water tank is located just outside the gate going to Emerald Homes.

Lambaguhon residents, and probably neighbouring villagers availing the free medical check-up and free Toy Story toys for kids, provided by Operation Blessing.

Sendong drinking water Iligan City
Refilling the water tank with drinking water. It’s good that they put a sign “For Drinking Water Only”.

In some villages, wastefully used the water directly from the tank for washing their feet and hands.

The crew who were refilling the tank said they’re from City Hall.

Sendong drinking water Iligan City
The water tank is supplied by Global Medic or the David McAntony Gibson Foundation.

I would assume that several villages without drinking water in Iligan City who were affected by Sendong has this similar water tank.

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