Relaxing at the Park

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After going to church in Tibanga, I decided to go to Global Steel football field to watch a one day football tournament.

The Iligan City plaza, now officially called Rizal Park is practically the center of every festivities in the city.


Iligan City photos
I always wear slippers going to the church. I arrived at 12:38 noon, even then it was still cool, thanks to God for the huge trees that surround the park for providing the cool shade.

Iligan City photos
On my left is the Christmas tree made of plastic bottles.

Iligan City photos
Zooming in the Christmas tree. If I see the Real Leaf green tea bottle, I remember Piolo Pascual.

Iligan City photos
On my right is the stage, there are teens practicing a dance number. This is like a normal activity on the stage every time I pass here.

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